How To Get Your Child Dressed With Zero Tantrums

Getting your child dressed and out the door in time for school shouldn’t be nearly as chaotic as it is each day. Yet, there you are every morning, explaining to your little one why he can’t wear a cape to school one day or why she can’t just run around in her swimming suit the next. It’s definitely enough to drive you mad, and possibly break out a grey hair or two in the process. So here are some ways you can lessen your anxiety and get your child out the door with zero tantrums!

Shop Together

Whether looking at kids clothes online or heading to your local mall, do it together. Nothing will excite your little one more than seeing all the possible options on the market. Let her have her choices, but not too many of them. This way she technically makes her own choices but within your range of approved products.

Favorite Outfits Album

Every time your kid is really happy with how they look, snap a picture. Create an album on your phone full of his/her favorite outfits. That way when she tries to pair two items that simply do not go together, you can pull out your phone and remind how she better paired it in the past. “Remember when you wore this top with that skirt?” Cue picture to back up your statement.

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A System

One thing that will certainly cut down on how much time you have to spend deciding what to wear for your children every day is to have them pick out a week’s worth of outfits at the end of each week in preparation for the next. You’ll find that on some days they might change their minds about what they had previously picked out but all in all it’s a serious time-saving system.

Reward System

The reward system never fails folks. The days that your child gets dressed without even a whisper of a tantrum, give them something you’ve stored in the ‘prize’ bin for this very purpose. It could be a toy or small treat but in the end, it’ll teach them that dressing fast and without complaints will get them rewarded.

Re-Arrange Their Cupboard

If there’s anything you dislike about your child’s choice in wardrobe then we have to recommend getting your hands in there and re-arranging things. Put everything you dislike in the cupboard far down at the bottom of the drawer, where it’ll be harder for them to find and all of your favorites at the top! This way you’re less likely to have any issues with whatever they pick out.

Check For Comfort

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When getting new clothes, make sure you check them for itchiness or any sort of discomfort. This will save you from having to go through many time-consuming outfit changes early in the morning.

These are the best ways you can get your child dressed and ready to go with minimal hassle. They come highly recommended by many experts and we hope they work for you!

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