How to Make Money From Your Travels Abroad

Travelling the world and making enough money while on the road to fund further travel is the dream of many people. With cheaper flights and better infrastructure opening up even the most distant corners of the globe, there’s potentially no end to the kind of travel you’ll be able to do in your life. The only question is: how will you fund it? This article proposes five ways in which you’ll be able to make money from your travels, helping you lead an aspirational lifestyle that keeps you on the move and discovering for years to come.


One of the more straightforward options is also one of the most popular. By setting up a simple travel blog, you’ll be able to test your writing and photography talents against a hungry internet audience of aspiring travellers who’re excited to hear about life and adventures in a distant land. If you build a large enough audience, you’ll be able to begin on-site advertising, affiliate marketing, or other money-making functions driven by high-traffic blogs.


One of the major themes on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is travel. It’s one of the things that people are most attracted to, and you’ll find no end to the torrent of incredible photographs and stories about travel on social media. Many of these serial posters are in fact making cash from their posts, using the role of ‘influencer’ to encourage brand partnerships for promotional purposes. You pose with products, and they pay you – it really is as simple as that.

Teach English

A wide array of countries around the world require English teachers to teach their local populations in the language of international commerce. English is one of the most sought-after new skills in the developing world, and you’ll be able to travel across it with a wage if you can find jobs teaching to children and adults alike. It helps, in this case, to achieve a teaching qualification before you travel.

Selling Local Products Online

In many countries, the world of ecommerce is yet to take off fully. But, if you know that some products that you’ve found on your travels might have a huge market in other countries, then it’s a no-brainer to attempt to buy and sell these products online. Find a suitable enterprise ecommerce platform to get your sales off to a flying start, and see yourself make hefty profits through the savvy selling of local goods for profit, all based online.

Work Away

This is becoming an ever-more popular form of travel. If you’ve never heard of Work Away, it’s essentially a website that helps you link up with local employers across the world who are looking for labour in exchange for board and lodging for however long you want. It’s one of the finest options for earning a living while abroad, as it also helps you integrate with your host family and their cultural traditions, cuisines and working lifestyles.

Travel needn’t be seen as a finite and expensive indulgence – and this article offers just five options for earning money across your time spent abroad.

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