A Quick Guide to Mercedes Benz Servicing

Keeping your Mercedes in best condition need not be complicated. If you don’t have basic knowledge on car maintenance and repair, you can always take it to service centre for a full check-up. Mercedes Benz are usually scheduled for service either once a year or when it reaches 15,000 kilometres.

A certified service centre provides service A or B to their clients owning a Mercedes. They are keen on following the manufacturer’s guidelines for every model and only replace the necessary parts.

Benefits of Getting a Service

Aside from convenience, there are many advantages to having your car serviced. Mercedes Benz trains and authorizes car workshops to make sure they can deliver the best service to their customers. If you’re from the south-eastern parts of Australia, look for Melbourne efficient Mercedes mechanic that is certified to understand your car’s unique needs. You can schedule your car’s maintenance during your free time. Aside from that, you may also leave your car for service or sit comfortably in the waiting area while your car is being serviced. You can be sure that certified mechanics are honest especially in their billing. You can even ask an invoice with a detailed breakdown of every expense in the whole service.

You can take your car for a pre-service check to see if there is any issue that needs to be addressed. After a service, mechanics do a final check to see if your car is at its finest. Certified service centres only use authentic Mercedes Benz spare parts to guarantee you of its durability, quality and safety. After finishing the service, your car will be washed up so it looks its best when leaving the shop.

Types of Service

Service A – This is scheduled either a year after you bought your car or around 10,000 miles. Mercedes Benz has this Flexible Service System, a feature that lets you know if it’s time to schedule your car for a service. Service B – This is scheduled a year after your first a service, literally 2 years after your purchase or 20,000 miles. The next services are scheduled then every 2 years. Mercedes diesel vehicles have an additional fluid tank for AdBlue. It clears up diesel emissions for a more environmentally friendly car. A litre of AdBlue usually lasts for 600 miles. Diesel vehicles are first scheduled for service B on 20,000 miles or a year after service A. However, the tasks performed are different from the typical A and B services. The service specifics are AdBlue replenishment, replacement of fuel filters and checks the required elements based on the service sheet.

Maintenance for AMG and V12 vehicles – These types are the most expensive when it comes to maintenance. The service greatly depends on your car’s model and the trained mechanic must follow the required elements mentioned in the manufacturer’s servicing sheet.

Your car will surely give you good performance and long life when you follow the manufacturer’s servicing sheet. Always choose the best service centre for your car.

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