Prep Up For a Fishing Expedition with These Essentials

Fishing is a great way to relax and unwind after a busy week. It is also one way to spend time with friends or family during the holidays. Before you head out for an adventure, make sure you fill up your fishing tackle box with these items so you’re ready for anything. If you’re fond of fishing, you might already have an idea of what you need but wanted to add more ideas. For newbie fishers, this guide will totally help you get to know the essential fishing gears.

Fishing Rod and Reel

A fishing rod holds the line and allows the angler to control it. Fishing reels control how much of the fishing line is out. You can either reel it in or out depending on the situation. Spinning reels are a great choice for first-timers because it easy to use and works with a simple mechanism.

Fishing Line

Newly bought reels usually have a pre-spooled line with them. The fishing line helps you pull in the catch into the boat or shore. There are 2 types of fishing lines – monofilament and braided. The former is recommended for beginners since it is easy and versatile to use. Always carry an extra in your tackle box in case your line gets broken or tangled.


Stock up on different kinds of fishing hooks so you are ready to take on any fish. Hooks come in different styles and sizes, depending on the fish they’re meant to catch. Make sure to bring extras just in case you lose or damage the one you’re using.


This accessory alerts you when you have a bite. Bobbers float on the water’s surface and sink when a fish takes the bait. Round bobbers are convenient since they are easy to attach but they are only limited shallow swimming fish. Slip bobbers can be adjusted on the line so you can control how deep the hook goes.

Landing Net

Having a landing net on hand helps a lot in transferring your catch from the water to the boat, shore or anywhere you want. It lessens the chance of fish slipping off after being taken from the water. The Ego S2 Slider net is perfectly designed for this task. You can also choose from a variety of sizes depending on the fish you’re trying to catch.


These things make the bait sink deeper into the water. Sinkers are usually made of heavy materials such as steel, lead and brass. They are easily lost into the water so better have extras on your box.

Plastic Lures and Bait

Although live baits will do on any fishing needs, having some plastic spares with you is best. You don’t really need to use them every time but they’re a great option when you want to try something different with your fishing style. If you’ve run out of chums, a plastic lure still works the same.

Pliers and Line Cutter

Needle nose pliers work well in removing hooks from fish. A line cutter helps when the fishing line gets caught up and the only thing you can do is cut it. Small portable knives will do but a nail cutter is more convenient.

Now, you’re ready to set off on a wonderful fishing trip. Never forget to bring a first aid kit and a sunscreen before

you go.

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