Top 10 Tourist Attractions in the Mornington Peninsula

Known to be beautiful at any time of year and sandwiched between the sea on one side and Port Phillip Bay on the other, Mornington Peninsula is a thin segmant of real estate in the state of Victoria, Australia. The area is home to a number of attractive seaside villages, family-centric entertainment, vast vineyards, beach life and rocky coastal landscape. Here are top 10 attractions to watch for when you visit the cape.

1. Sorrento

Sorrento is a small township that boasts of Victoria’s long history. Known as one of the most fashionable towns around the state, you get to see the graves of the first settlers at Sullivan’s Bay, the many local limestone constructions built that dates back to the 1800’s and even an old cinema, The Athenaeum. The main streets and the beach fronts are lined up with high-end cafes, restaurants and fashion shops. Hikers can take into the Millionaire’s walk, which is a path between Sorrento and Portsea housing some of the homes of Australia’s rich and famed.

2. Go on a Ferry Cruise

The ferry cruise linking two seaside towns Sorrento and Queenscliff operates by the hour every day.  This 40-minute journey that showcases the best of Port Phillip Bay is one of the best things to do when you visit the peninsula. The large decks and windows give in an up-close view of the coast. The ferries even take vehicles on board. You may want to take a ferry ride one way and drive down the Great Ocean Road to continue your adventure.  Watch out for those adorable Dolphins that are often spotted from the deck. Stay at a Mornington luxury accommodation facility to rewind and continue touring.

3. Red Hill Market

An original craft market in Victoria, The Red Hill Market is held every first Saturday Morning of each month September – May. The Market has around 300 creative stalls filled in with delicious delicacies that are a treat for everyone. All you got to carry is an empty stomach, refreshed taste buds and a bag to take in all those mouth-watering goodies

4. Point Nepean National Park

Home to rock landscapes and excellent hiking trails, the point Nepean National park is a large park that is best explored by the hop on, hop off shuttle service that connects between major sites within the park.  There is downloadable self-guided tours at the visitor’s centre as well.

5. Art Galleries

Mornington is home to various artists. The region has many studios such as the Gordon Studio in Red Hill or the Portsea Art Gallery for contemporary art. There is a self-guided Peninsula Studio Track which acts as a guide over the region that can be followed.

6. Peninsula Hot Springs

The hot springs are the place to go for a holistic treat for you. There are both private and public spaces catered towards couples and families. There are a number of treatments that are followed from around the world. The packages are highly effective for relaxation and a break from all the travel.

7. Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens

This is Australia’s oldest and most popular traditional hedge maze. The maze is set amongst a 25 acre garden. The cypress hedges, the circular Rose maze with over 1200 bushes and the lavender labyrinth are nothing but spectacular to visit. The place has a café and a little store with local products.

8. Dolphin and Seal Swim

One of the key highlights of a visit to Mornington peninsula is the opportunity to swim with the playful dolphins or watch them at play. There is a resident seal colony where you can swim with the seals and observe the many species of seabirds as well.

9. Beachside Walks and Trails

The beaches around the Mornington Peninsula are both spectacular and vicious in its own ways. But there are trails that are both stimulating and relaxing to go on or drive through. Some of the popular trails are Sorrento to Portsea, Coppins Track from Diamond Bay to Sorrento and St. Sorrento to St. Pauls Beach.

10. Horseback Riding

Horse rides are available all year round for both experienced and inexperienced riders. There are pony rides for kids and horse lesions for adults. Try experiencing the splendours of the beach, the farming countryside or bush tracks via horseback.

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