Top Attractions in Melbourne You Simply Have To See

Planning to travel to Melbourne anytime soon? This coming summer could be the ideal time to spend in this city amid all the cosmopolitan diversity and beautifully contrasting vistas that are beloved across the world. It has been deemed one of the most conducive cities to live on the planet and is one of those places that are also timeless. Evolving with each era, Melbourne today stands steeped in history, culture, architecture and a vivacious lifestyle that is second to none. Here are some of the top tourist rated attractions that you simply must not miss when you visit the city this time.

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The Eastern Beach – Victoria

The Eastern Beach is a very popular swimming and recreational spot that is located in Victoria. There are many restaurants Geelong where you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal while enjoying the amazing scenery all around you. This was at first a bit of an eyesore, so to speak, with really steep and not-so beautiful cliffs that went all the way from the northern town towards the coastline of the Corio Bay. However, the appearance of the area has changed much since the 1930s, a shark-proof sea bathing area was built including other amenities like a kid’s swimming pool and a kiosk along with a pavilion and a dressing area. There are also a number of art deco style buildings nearby and almost all are listed on the Register ofVictorian Heritage sites.

The Federation Square

Opened in 2002, the Federation Square was built in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Federation. The structure was at the pinnacle of controversy as it is said to have divided the people of Melbourne. There have been people who love it and those who absolutely hate it, but over the years, standing still, this monument has now become part with the life blood of the city and is one of the most popular spots from where tourists start their sightseeing trips. There are many indoor venues here that are very intimate while the outdoor performance area will give you all the entertainment that you have been looking for. The beautiful amalgamation of open and closed spaces is something that contrasts quite vividly with the Victorian architecture that is all around it, and the square is said to have at least 2000 visitors each year.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

Take a walk towards the southern side of the famous Yarra River and you will venture into the Royal Botanic Gardens. Established in the year 1846, it spans over 40 hectares of land dotted with over 50,000 different plants. About 1.5 million tourists are said to come to admire the gardens each year. There are many rare plant species that can be seen thriving here as well.  Groups like the Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden is shaping up the future of the next generation of gardeners while the Aboriginal Heritage Walk here is a much spoken-of tour that takes a peek into the indigenous heritage of the land.

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