Fashion Guidelines; How to Pull Off the Perfect Outfit

Who doesn’t like a great fashion statement right? it’s even better when it is something that you got really creative with and came up on your own rather than pick off a catalogue. However, there is nothing wrong in checking out the various fashion ideas that are on catalogues and getting inspired by them. Here are some great ways to put together a trendy and good looking outfit that will turn all the heads your way.

Pick Your Dress to Flatter You

It does not matter whether you are wearing a maxi, short dress, jumper, romper, shorts or anything in between, what matters is that you pick the outfit to suit your body structure. The first thing to know is your body type and choose a dress that will draw attention to all of your best features while taking emphasis away from the ones that you feel are not your best. For example, if you are gifted with long and sculpted legs, go for an elegant short skirt and blouse combination with a belt at the waist to cinch that waistline or opt for a figure hugging short dress that will show off your calves and draw attention to them.

Pair It Up With Hair Accessories

Hair embellishments say that you are bold, daring and not afraid to be creative. It’s a great way of completing a great fashion statement. Make sure that the accessories you choose such as scarves, hats or fascinators, go well with the kind of outfit you choose and that it matches the vibe and the colour of the outfit. You do not necessarily have to wear something really large, a tiny bunch of feathers or flowers with a couple of beads will look really elegant too.

Pick Jewellery to Adorn You Not To Cover You

One key thing to remember when creating a look is that you need to grab attention and not what you have worn only. Therefore, do not wear overly heavy and chunky jewellery if you are wearing hair accessories as well. If that is the case opt for a simple pair of ear studs or a very tiny necklace that will just add length to your neckline. However, nothing will stop you from going full throttle on bracelets and bangles on your arms. It will look classy yet funky.

Get the Right Shoes

This will need to depend on your outfit but also on where you will be going to. A dinner dance is not the place for gladiator sandals and a casual drink on the beach will not agree with a pair of your best stilettos. Make sure that the shoes you don complement your feet and add to their length instead of making them look clunky.

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