Important Faqs About Excursion Train Trips

If you want to experience a good journey, you should try an excursion train trip. Not all places have train trips that allow you to visit various locations in the comfort of your seats. Whether you chugged your way on the rugged bushlands, ancient woodlands, or fern gullies a train trip will surely leave you mesmerized.

One of the famous train trips is the route taken to see the beauty of the Yarra Valley. While riding the historic steam engine with Victorian style interiors and open-air carriages this experience allows you to go back in time, where traveling is such a splendor. So, if you are planning to take your family of loved to an excursion train trip, the following FAQs can guide you in planning your best train trip.

How Can I Book My Tickets For The Excursion Train Trip?

If you’re going to reserve a ticket to get into a Puffing Billy tours, you have to decide first if you will be purchasing a round trip or a one-way ticket. The one-way ticket can be bought in a first come, first serve basis, where you can find it from the station on the day of your planned travel. If you chose to travel in a one-way onboard, you’d need someone to pick you up from the other station where the train will stop.

Where Should I Buy My Tickets?

Often when you check the website, you’ll see that train had sold out tickets, but don’t get disheartened. Once the allocated online bookings have been fulfilled, the site will automatically post that the tickets are already sold out. However, if you will visit the station, you will still be able to buy tickets. It’s just being sold in a first come, first serve basis.

How Much Is The Train Ticket To See The Yarra Valley?

The price of the train ticket depends on the kind of journey you will choose. To date, there four routes with different duration. These are Belgrave to Lakeside, Belgrave to Gembrook, Belgrave to Menzies Creek and Lakeside to Gembrook.

Can I Bring Food Inside The Train?

Yes. A matter of fact, patrons, is highly suggested to pack their food before they board the train. In this way, they will be able to have an enjoyable lunch or snacks while gazing at the beautiful sceneries of the Yarra Valley.  You won’t have to worry if your food will spill or not because the train runs at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour without any bumps along the way.

Can I Ditch My Tour And Not Follow What’s On My Ticket?

Ditching the trip in the middle of the travel is not recommended. If you don’t wish to travel far, it is best to buy tickets to a route where you want to stop. It can help in maximizing the number of tickets available in a day and allow other people to join the tour.

These are some of the FAQs that you must know when planning for an excursion train trip to see the mesmerizing beauty of the Yarra Valley.

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