Travelling Tips to Enjoy A Healthy Overseas Vacation

Travelling is thrilling but can cause fatigue to people of all ages. Consistent movement around strange places take a toll, especially on your health. New climate, different foods, foreign diseases and stress can decline health of many travellers swiftly if they are not cautious.

You are planning a vacation trip to the US under the Waiver Visa Program for several days with your kids. Even though you got the USA ESTA visa approval, it is also necessary to get familiar with how to stay healthy while enjoying the US vacation trip.

Healthy travelling tips to enjoy the trip

Travel health insurance

Travel heath insurance is not a necessity but can be helpful, especially when you get dengue fever or involve in some accident or need to stay in hospital or for air-lifting back to your own country in events like loss of life, when abroad.

Regular exercising

Ignoring your exercise, while in vacation mode is normal but a big mistake. You can add extras kilos with exotic menus and the different kinds of drinks. Schedule exercise in your travel routine –

  • At the hotel plan early morning time at the gym.
  • At a beach take a long-distance walk in the morning and catch the early sunrays.
  • Swimming or surfing can also adventurous and good for your abs, at beaches.
  • If it is a mountain resort then jogging, hiking, and biking are some best activities to incorporate. If outdoor is not your thing then try yoga or instead of using public transport walk to nearest museums and cafes.
  • Travelling with kids allows you to play a friendly ball game in the park.

Stay hydrated

While sightseeing, make sure to carry a water bottle. Take frequent stops to rest and drink fresh juice, if available.

Carry travel snacks

Pack some Ziplocs with cut salads or dried fruit or seeds & nuts. This food with high protein level will help to support you for many days. Choose fresh fruits, as they are loaded with anti-oxidants and crucial vitamins, which avert sickness.

Enjoy eating but don’t overindulge

Overindulging in eating rich fatty foods is the reason to visit local health clinic to get treated for indigestion and stomach ache. This can ruin your vacation, as you will need to lie in bed for the whole day. Therefore, don’t deprive yourself from enjoying local savouries, but make sure everything is in moderation. Below are some healthy eating tips

  • Eat lightly, during the day to enjoy the great dinner menu, at a good restaurant.
  • Chew the rich meal you ordered thoroughly.
  • Rather than beverages drink clean water.
  • Go for a walk, after the great dinner to improve digestion.

Make healthy food and drink choices, while getting tipsy on foreign turf.

Medical supplies

If you are suffering from medical conditions then bring sufficient medication and top supplies like BP monitors, diabetes check tool, foot supports, or compression stockings. In addition, carry thermometer, pain and fever meds, alcohol and gauze for infections and cuts.

Sleep and rest

Sleep is also a crucial for staying healthy on a vacation. Proper rest will restore your mind and body, so consider comfortable bed while booking rooms in overseas hotels.


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