Top Tips for Renting a Boat in Australia

Boating is one of the best ways to explore Australia, especially places like Sydney that has a very sailable harbour. However, not everyone can afford to own a boat. There are significant costs associated with maintenance and purchase. But that doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally enjoy a boating vacation, host a party on a boat, or otherwise sail away. Boat rentals are increasingly becoming common in Australia for people who want to enjoy sailing away without the costs of ownership. It’s quite affordable to rent a boat because fees are typically paid per hour. If you are thinking about renting a boat, here is a list of important tips to keep in mind:

Research Rental Options Online

If you to a website like, you can view boats available for rent, plus rates for each. Before you rent any boat, it’s important to visit as many sites as available for the area where you plan on going boating. Check the services and compare rates to find the best price. You can alternatively call the local marina to ask about possible rental boats. Not all marinas have this option and it may not necessarily be cheaper than private rental. But it’s important to consider all options before making up your mind.

Choose Boat Size According to Company

Are you planning on going boating with a partner, your family, or a dozens of other people? The size of boat you need will depend on the number of people you plan on having aboard. Therefore, decide how many people travel on the trip before looking up boats. If you are planning an event on a boat, like a wedding or a birthday party, prepare the guest list before renting the boat to make sure you choose a large enough vessel.

Understand the Type of Boats Available

You don’t have to be a boat expert to rent a vessel. However, it does help to understand what types of boats are available to make the right choice for your requirement. For example, if you are planning on touring an area like the Sydney Harbour, then a bowrider boat would be a good choice. Pontoons are for big grows, especially ones who want to relax. If your boating trip is actually a game fishing expedition, then you will have to rent a fishing boat. Speciality boats like fishing boats may not be available from leisure service providers and you might have to ask from fellow game fishing enthusiasts.

Ask About Power Onboard

Not all boats are designed with wall outlets for things like charging phones or plugging in music players. If you need power outlets while on board, you will have to specifically enquire that such would be available. Ask if the boat has an in-built grid or if you need to bring a portable generator on board.

Read the Fine Print of the Rental Agreement

Don’t neglect to understand all the finer points in the rental agreement before you decide to sign it. There should be information in there about for how long the boat will be available, how far it can travel off coast, whether the boat can be operated at night, and so on. Check the cancellation policy in particular, especially with regards to weather.

You might also want to consider liability insurance before you get on board. Choose a well-reviewed and reputable rental company for the best services.

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