How to Eat At a Wellness Escape; Reaping the Full Rewards?

Are you headed for a great wellness escape in the upcoming spring and summer months? It’s a great way to use your vacation to pamper yourself and boost your health and quality of living. We often pay very little attention to the needs of our bodies because we take it for granted. We would at any given point be more concerned about servicing our laptops than we would be about servicing our bodies. Obesity has become such a big problem in the world that it is now an epidemic that is attacking the future generations more rapidly than ever before. So now that you have decided to go on this escape, how should you eat? How can you plan out your meals so that you reap all the rewards of your program? Read on to find out.

Look Around For the Correct Places to Eat From

If your program is a weight loss retreat they will most certainly provide you with the meal plans and the detoxes. But sometimes, this is not the case. You may have to judge what is good for you and what is not. That is the tricky part especially if you are in a foreign land where you are not really familiar with the cuisine and it really is not practical to think that you can survive off salads and soups and crackers the whole week or two that you will be there. Therefore, you need to do a bit of exploring and see first what kind of food the accommodation offers. If they have a healthy menu you may just have hit the jackpot. If not, don’t be afraid to ask the staff and your program leader for recommendations on places that you can eat healthy. They will be able to point you in the right direction. You can also do a bit of hunting yourself during your leisure time.

Choose Right Items from Your Menu

The allure of delicious dishes is hard to resist. Who doesn’t love the chance to eat some great food while on holiday? But your holiday is one where you should shed some pounds and not go home with that awfully dreaded holiday bulge that everyone talks about. If that happens you really have not gained anything from the vacation. Therefore when you walk into a cafe or a restaurant ask for dishes that are healthy on the menu like salads instead of rice or fries. If you must have some fries opt for the sweet potato baked ones because they are healthier. Opt for light broths and soups instead of thick creamy ones. Get your salads without a dressing and maybe just some lime and pepper along with a tiny pinch of salt.

Don’t Treat Yourself to Food

That would be the wrong approach to this whole thing. Do not have any desserts unless it is fruit and smoothies. Do not indulge and think that it is alright for you to treat yourself. You are already treating yourself by going on this escape. That should be enough by itself.

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