Gifting A Bottle Of Wine: The Do’s And Don’ts to Remember

An enjoyable bottle of wine is perhaps one of the nicest gifts you can receive from anyone. Especially during the holidays, when there’s bound to be friends and family over to entertain. Alternatively, a bottle of wine is also a good option for a gift when you’re invited over for dinner at a friend´s place. However, when gifting a bottle of wine, it takes a bit of work to figure out which type of wine would be preferred by your host. There´s little value in splashing out your money on a very expensive bottle that may not be enjoyed, and worst of all re-gifted to someone else. Read on to learn about the tips you need to keep in mind when purchasing a bottle of wine as a gift.

Get Down To Doing Your Homework

While it may sound simple and obvious, very few gift givers actually take the trouble to learn about the tastes of their host. The fact that you take the trouble to find this out is an indicator to your host that you’ve taken the trouble to make sure they enjoy your gift. The first bit of information to consider is to find out if they prefer red over white wine. Ask a mutual friend of yours if they know what kind of wine they like, or you could find a way to subtly pose the question. However, if everything fails, then a bottle of bubbly is your safest bet, which will come in handy when toasting the New Year.

Think About the Seasons

The next best option when you can’t figure out preferences is to take into consideration the weather patterns or the seasons. If you’re in the tropics or in the middle of summer, then the Stella Bella Wines available online are terrific options as the brand has a wide selection. If you happen to find yourself bundled up in the winter, then choose a heavy bodied wine as eating to keep warm is definitely not a put-off and a bottle wine would do nicely with it.

Stay Away From Amazing Offers

The danger of picking up a bottle of wine from the drinks isle at your local supermarket will increase the chances of you comparing labels and prices. Here’s the danger – there´s bound to be signage such as ´Best Deals´ or ´Amazing Offers´ and usually such deals are put together for wines that aren’t moving so well.  Often poor moving wine makes it into this batch of offers. The price maybe more affordable but you won´t be guaranteed of a good purchase.

Botella pintada Más

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Sometimes the time and effort spent going down to a specialized wine store could also be the best way to save some money, rather than splashing out on some unknown bottle of wine. The important thing is not to be intimidated by all that wine related jargon being spewed out by the connoisseurs who walk around a specialised store.  Don´t be afraid to ask for help or to ask those at the store to recommend a bottle. The best thing is to ask the server on duty which wines are the most popular for your budget.

These tips are just a few suggestions to get you started. Once you’ve begun gifting wines, you’ll come to see the versatility it offers in terms of a gift and also as an expression of goodwill.

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